Rachel Burkons

Rachel Burkons

Rachel Burkons is an educator and consultant specializing in the culinary and hospitality-focused cannabis industry. She is a seasoned professional whose mission is to normalize and mainstream cannabis by using food, beverage and experiences as an educational touchstone. 

After spending more than a decade working alongside the biggest names, tastemakers and brands in the world of wine and spirits as VP/Associate Publisher for national publications The Tasting Panel and SOMM Journal, Rachel was part of the team that launched The Clever Root, a national publication that brought cannabis to the dining conversation. 

In 2016, Rachel and her brother, Chef Holden Jagger, co-founded Altered Plates, a culinary cannabis hospitality and events company. Since launching Altered Plates in 2016, Rachel and Holden have worked alongside some of the biggest brands in the cannabis space, and have become experts in the onsite consumption of cannabis. 

Her work at Altered Plates has brought Rachel to such hallowed halls as the James Beard House, and Rachel and Holden have appeared in many national print media and television shows to share their message of tableside activism for the nomalization of cannabis. 

Rachel is the Executive Director for Crop to Kitchen, a trade organization serving the culinary cannabis industry. There, she oversees policy and advocacy work designed to advance the culinary cannabis industry and develop new, compliant business opportunities for the industry. 

Rachel is also the Director of Hospitality for Cure Designs and is a frequent contributor to national publications including Cannabis Now

Rachel sits on the advisory board for the Wine and Weed Symposium, hosted annually in Santa Rosa, and is a frequent collaborator with both the Cannabis Drinks Expo and Cannabis Food Show. 

Rachel lives in Los Angeles with her wife, toddler, two cats and two dogs. It’s a lot.

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