Have you ever opened a jar of cannabis and had the smell of sweet skunk slap you in the face? Or maybe you’ve hit a joint in the wild and tasted blueberries with a little hint of gas? If you’ve answered “yes” to either of these questions, then you can thank cannabis terpenes for the experience. As the industry evolves, terpenes are becoming a louder part of the discussion around cannabis and why you feel the way you do after consuming certain varieties. What are terpenes and what do they do? Terpenes are the aromatic oils within cannabis trichomes that produce a plant’s aroma, flavor, and… Read more
It started with one plant. Let’s go back, way back, way before the days we partnered with our favorite beer company, Lagunitas, to create a vape cartridge that tastes like beer. Way before the days of coeds getting cross-faded. We’re talking around 27 million years ago. Oh yeah, that far back. Around that time, cannabis and hops (humulus) started evolving from one common ancestor into two species. Today, we call that plant family “Cannabaceae.” The two plants still have a lot in common, both have jagged-edged leaves, have many of the same terpenes, offer benefits, have similar seed and… Read more
Our resident terp-ologist, Tim, and Lagunitas BrewMonster, Jeremy, about terps, cannabis, hops, and our love for putting all those things together.  
Seed-to-shelf is the idea of engaging in the entire production process to create the best medical cannabis products. From a sprouting seedling to a sale at a dispensary, we’re involved completely, from cultivation, extraction, laboratory testing, and sales. We have always embraced this process to provide transparent accountability of every facet of the process, inspire trust in our efforts, and as our commitment to our patients.  The best coffee, chocolate, beer, and winemakers already utilize whole process production systems to create their products. Cannabis is no exception to this, though… Read more