When I partnered with Lagunitas and ABX to develop a few food pairings to match with their delicious Hi-Fi Hops Reverb, my brain immediately went in two directions: Something lemony and cheesy (see my Lemon Spinach Artichoke Dip here) and something sweet, sticky, and crunchy. These flavors were a natural fit because they both demonstrate the pairing power of working with either similar or dissimilar flavors. That’s where these delicious cauliflower bites come in! Because the sticky sesame cauliflower is slightly sweet, the clear, hoppy flavor of the Hi-Fi Hops Reverb cuts through those sweet… Read more
I’ve been cutting way back on alcohol recently, but there are some occasions where you sort of crave the ritual of drinking a beer, and the biggest football game of the year is definitely one of those times for me! Thankfully, one of my favorite beer brands also makes one of my favorite cannabis beverages: Hi-Fi Hops Reverb, which offers a light, hoppy flavor that really scratches my “beer itch,” and makes a great cannabis choice for a classic Big Game Sunday. I have been a longtime devotee of the Lagunitas IPA beers, and find that the hoppy flavor in the Hi-Fi Hops delivers on that… Read more
We’re excited to be partnering with Lagunitas Brewing Company again to offer the next best thing in beer and cannabis: Hi-Fi Hops. A sparkling hop water with zero alcohol that’s infused with water-soluble THC from the finest cannabis we have. While this and other cannabis-infused drinks may seem like a relatively new fad, the first cannadrink was actually enjoyed as early as 1000 B.C. in Southern Asia for medicinal, therapeutic, and spiritual purposes. These days, it’s hard to walk into a dispensary and not see some kind of cannadrink on the shelves. But if you haven’t tried them before, you… Read more
Our resident terp-ologist, Tim, and Lagunitas BrewMonster, Jeremy, about terps, cannabis, hops, and our love for putting all those things together.