The cannabis industry is extraordinary, particularly when the plant intersects with science. While traditional handmade hash has been around for presumably thousands of years, only recently has science unlocked the full spectrum of cannabis concentrates. By extracting cannabinoids from the plant in order to produce different types of concentrates, brands can deliver products with higher consistency as well as  specific formulations designed to treat unique conditions and provide predictable effects. What are the different extraction methods? Is one better than another? Let’s explore how it… Read more
By Andrew Ward As a trailblazing innovator in cannabis extraction, ABX demonstrated how to use CO2 to extract distillate cannabis oil way back in 2018. Since then, extraction tech has continued to evolve, and today at ABX, we use a variety of techniques and solvents, including ethanol. Efficiency and THC potency are booming as top producers offer potent, pure cannabis distillate oils using these techniques..  Here's what you need to know. The History of CO2 Extraction And The Shift To Ethanol In previous years, ABX always used CO2 extraction to create distillate oil. The process is ideal… Read more
The CannaCraft Difference There are certain rare benefits to being a cannabis company created and staffed by long-time industry growers and professionals. The most unique among them is our ability to manage every aspect of our production process. We have always embraced this as our commitment to transparency, sustainability, and ensuring the highest quality medicine for our patients. From the tiny green seedling on our farms to the final lab-tested and quality-assured product on the shelf, our vertically integrated, So what does it mean to be vertically integrated? Vertical Integration:… Read more
Seed-to-shelf is the idea of engaging in the entire production process to create the best medical cannabis products. From a sprouting seedling to a sale at a dispensary, we’re involved completely, from cultivation, extraction, laboratory testing, and sales. We have always embraced this process to provide transparent accountability of every facet of the process, inspire trust in our efforts, and as our commitment to our patients.  The best coffee, chocolate, beer, and winemakers already utilize whole process production systems to create their products. Cannabis is no exception to this, though… Read more