Enchanting with its bright pink hues, a Red Berry Cardamom ‘Love Potion’ Hi-Fi Hops Spritz is guaranteed to spice up your Valentine’s Day! This luscious and seductive recipe will dazzle the senses, combining a blend of fresh red fruits and cardamom for your drinking pleasure. With a burst of fresh-squeezed lemon juice, this refreshing spirit-free mixed drink is a perfect alternative to alcohol and can easily be combined with Hi-Fi Hops Reverb Cannabis-Infused Hoppy Sparkling Water from ABX and Lagunitas for an invigorating infused beverage experience.   If you’re new to Hi-Fi Hops Reverb,… Read more
The holiday season is here, which means you might be searching for the perfect mixed drink to pair with Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you’re serving turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie, or roasted prime rib, creating delicious “Danksgiving” Hi-Fi Hops spirit-free mixed drinks is sure to be a highlight of your holiday menu, plus jumpstart the appetite! When making Thanksgiving-inspired drinks at home, one of the best flavors to highlight is cranberries. Much like enjoying a cranberry sauce with your meal, cranberry flavors in a beverage will provide both sweet and tart… Read more
We asked two of our favorite cannabis bloggers, Coral Reefer and Stoney Xochi to create some tasty beverages for a socially-distant “Hoppy Hour” featuring what else? Hi-Fi Hops. Whether you are Zooming with friends across the world, or finding away to manage a socially distant BBQ, these refreshing zero alcohol spritzes will hit the spot! Hoppy Hour Mixology The only thing better than a frosty bottle of Hi-Fi Hops are some fresh mixers to go with it! The beauty of mixology is that you can make it your own, so feel free to switch out any of these ingredients for anything that tickles your… Read more
During the peak of summer, there’s nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold popsicle treat. Both healthy and satisfying, homemade frosty pops are a great way to chill down your palate and can easily be infused with phytocannabinoids for an elevated summer indulgence. While popsicles are delicious to enjoy on their own, you can also mix them with different beverages for a popsicle drink experience. To celebrate summer, I’ve put together a Hi-Fi Hops Summer Popsicle Punch recipe that’s colorful, flavorsome, and contains a low amount of sugar and calories. Combining fresh strawberries,… Read more
In the world of cannabis mixology, citrus fruits top the list when it comes to complementary ingredients that enhance an infused beverage. Lemons, limes, and grapefruits are incredibly terpene-rich and provide bright, uplifting notes that energize the palate. When crafting cocktails or spirit-free mixed drinks at home, citrus fruits can liven up some of the other ingredients that you’re working with. They not only contribute to the complexity of a drink, but citrus fruits also help balance the beverage’s profile due to a natural blend of sour/sweet aromas and flavors.  Remarkably, hops also… Read more
During the warmer months, there’s nothing better than a thirst-quenching beverage to get your palate in the mood for summer. If you’re a fan of exotic flavors, this non-alcoholic Tropical Passion Fruit Hi-Fi Mojito might be your new happy hour go-to. With tangy sweet and sour flavors, passion fruit is a fantastic ingredient to work with when making drinks. Not only does it add freshness, but it pairs extremely well with Hi-Fi Hops Hoppy Sparkling Water. As it turns out, passion fruit is a common aroma and flavor that’s expressed in some hop varieties, which comes from the organic compounds… Read more