Cannabis Oil

By Andrew Ward As a trailblazing innovator in cannabis extraction, ABX demonstrated how to use CO2 to extract distillate cannabis oil way back in 2018. Since then, extraction tech has continued to evolve, and today at ABX, we use a variety of techniques and solvents, including ethanol. Efficiency and THC potency are booming as top producers offer potent, pure cannabis distillate oils using these techniques..  Here's what you need to know. The History of CO2 Extraction And The Shift To Ethanol In previous years, ABX always used CO2 extraction to create distillate oil. The process is ideal… Read more
The process of distillation has been practiced for many centuries. Similar to producing spirits from fermented grain, we can distill our cannabis. Starting with a solution containing cannabis we want to isolate, we then apply heat until the desired ingredient evaporates, capture and isolate it in another container, then let it cool until it condenses back into a liquid, separated from unwanted additives or impurities. Here’s what that process looks like: Step 1: The first step in our distillation process is to decarboxylate our winterized cannabis oil. We… Read more