Blackberry Kush

The California market is so flooded with products that if you’re looking for the best vapes to buy, all the options can be overwhelming. While quick Google searches might render you helpless, Headset’s data on the best selling vape pens in California won’t. A quick peek at the list shows that when it comes to California’s top five favorite strain-specific vape carts, ABX’s Granddaddy Purple; Blue DBlue DreamkbBlackberry Kush DSour DieselBlue TBlue Tahoe OG supreme.  But what is it about these strains that makes them so special? Why are these strains so popular and enduring? To answer that,… Read more
Toke. Coast. Glide. In today’s featured article you will discover a coastal guide for your toking side. Grab your sunglasses, water, and don’t forget your ABX battery. The drive to the coast is a little windy, but sit back and enjoy. Kicking it at the coast with cannabis by your side only amplifies the thrill. Contemplation It’s a desirable side effect of GSGSC the piney taste and sticky head high from this cartridge always puts me deep into thought. Contemplation is amplified when combined with the coastal scenery. Imagine setting up a blanket on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The… Read more