Ultimate 420 Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


No, not Christmas. Rather, today is 420. A stoner’s holiday that stems from a group of high school treasure hunters that would meet at 4:20 (you can read more about their story here). There’s no wrong way to celebrate this cultural phenomenon, but we pulled a couple of things together to make sure you have your best 420 yet.

Start your day right.

Listen, we’re not trying to sound like your parents, but you’re bound to make some food decisions today that might upset your stomach. Bring wake and bake to the next level by trying out a cannabis-infused green smoothie or cannabis-infused coffee. Your mind (and stomach) will thank you.

Be prepared.

It’s 420, do you know where your recommendation is? Even though recreational use is now legal in California, you’ll still need a valid medical marijuana recommendation to take advantage of all the great sales at dispensaries today. Fear not if you discover your rec has expired! Head over to one of the many online recommendation apps, where you can chat with a doctor and print out your recommendation right away.

Stock up.

Pretty much every dispensary will have deals going on today. Check out a couple (you can find out where we’ll be doing dozens of demos and giving out goodies here) to score the best deals of the year. In our neck of the woods, we’re excited to be hanging out with Sonoma Patient Group and Mercy Wellness who will be doing all-day giveaways and raffles.

Most importantly, make sure you’re all set for 4:20 pm. A little silly? Of course. Super fun? Of course.

Have a plan.

Sometimes, the best things in life happen without a plan, but with some of the coolest parties happening today, why leave that to chance?

If you’re in Northern California, you have to check out the 420 party Emerald Pharms is putting on. Besides amazing deals from ABX, Care by Design, and Satori, they are throwing an all-day party featuring live music, fire dancers, speakers, massages, and, if you’re feeling adventurous, a tarot card reading (maybe you can ask what 420s in the future will be like). If you’re feeling unsure, we’ll just put this out there… they’ll also have medicated nachos.

(You’ll find us at the medicated nachos.)

If Hopland is too far north for you, there’s also the annual 420 celebration on Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park (this year actually permitted by the city of San Francisco), and Leafly comedy events in S.F. and L.A.

Be entertained.

If all the killer events aren’t your thing, take your Netflix and chill to the next level and enjoy a little ABX Candyland with some of these new releases:

  1. If you want more laughs: Lucas Brothers: On Drugs, Louis CK – Standup Special, Chelsea (Season 2), and Kevin Hart: What Now
  2. If you want to enjoy some funky fresh beats: The Get Down (Season 2)
  3. If you’re ready for a throwback: Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return (Season 1)
  4. If you want to be able to tell your friends you spent the day watching documentaries while actually laughing your ass off: Documentary Now! (Season 2)

You do you.

Don’t have time to do anything especially amazing? Don’t fret. That’s the great thing about weed, it makes everyday tasks that much better.


No matter what you decide to do (or not do for those of you playing hooky) we hope you have a great, happy, high, fun, and safe 420!

Seasoned Stoner

If your motto is, “It’s always 4:20 somewhere,” you might be a seasoned stoner. You know what you like but will rarely turn down something new.

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