New Strain Alert: The Gift for ABX LIVE

by Jennifer Maniscalco for ABX

If the holidays left you with little more than torn wrapping paper and a pile of gifts destined for next year’s White Elephant exchange, treat yourself to The Gift, an all-new ABX Live Resin pod chock-full of more CBD than any other pod in our ABX Live lineup.

As you know, we are constantly seeking the freshest highlights of harvest for our live-resin pods, and The Gift is no exception. Intrigued? Let’s get to the deets...

WTF is The Gift? 

Haven’t heard of The Gift? You’re missing out.

While, traditionally, CBD strains have been primarily bred to focus on ratio and percentages alone, master breeder and founder of UV Organics, Matt Mulford, wanted to up the game when it came to developing a new CBD-focused strain..

The Gift is a six-year, cannabis-breeding labor of love in which Mulford repeatedly back-crossed the strain “Ringo’s Gift” to create a CBD strain with a robust terpene profile. 

The Gift is also one of the most terpene-rich CBD strains on the market today. Currently, it holds the record with our friends over at Sonoma Lab Works for having the highest terpene count in CBD flower.

So, how ‘bout them terps?

Terpenes not only add flavor and scent to cannabis flower, but also a gang of therapeutic benefits. Here’s what you can look forward to when you vape The Gift in ABX LIVE pods:

  • Myrcene -- Sedative. Herbaceous flavor.

  • Pinene -- Uplifting. Piney flavor.

  • Caryophyllene -- Recently discovered to be one of the first non-cannabinoids to directly activate cannabinoid receptors. Peppery flavor.

  • Linalool -- Relaxing. Floral flavor.

  • Ocimene -- Uplifting. Sweet herbaceous flavor.

Vaping Notes
The Gift exhibits earthy aromas with a menthol sharpness. As you hit the Live Resin Dart Pod, you’ll notice it tastes sweet, earthy, and herbaceous with a minty exhale.

By pairing these great strain attributes with flavorful live resin and top-notch hardware like the Dart, ABX LIVE’s “The Gift” takes the vaping experience to a whole new true-to-flower level with the wellness-enhancing benefits of CBD. 

Wait, WTF is CBD?

It’s hard not to see news and information about CBD. Indeed, it seems to be in everything from shampoo to dog treats. Here’s a few facts you might not know about this care-giving cannabobnoid: 

  • CBD is non-psychotropic. That’s right, CBD (or cannabidiol) doesn’t get you stoned. However, most people find it relaxes them without clouding up their head.
  • CBD can mellow out THC. THC:CBD “ratioed” strains have become more popular because they go so well together. You might feel a little more clear-headed or calm when you smoke a ratioed strain. In fact, some people even reach for CBD if they’re feeling too high and need to come down.. 
  • We’re still learning about what CBD can do. CBD has been causing quite a buzz amongst scientists, health professionals, and cannabis enthusiasts alike. While we legally can’t talk about all the benefits of CBD, some have reported it offers therapeutic benefits like easing stress, supporting a restful night’s sleep, relieving inflammation, balancing your mood, and overall wellness support.
  • CBD works better with THC. The “Entourage Effect” activates when different cannabinoids and terpenes work together for maximum benefits. In fact, THC "unlocks" our endocannabinoid receptors throughout our body, allowing CBD to work more effectively.

Get Yourself The Gift

The Gift is available in dispensaries throughout California. If you are interested in getting (or giving) The Gift, shop online at, place your order, and pick it up at your favorite local dispensary.

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