The Family Dinner Remedy

The leaves have changed from green to gold and auburn colors which glitter across the autumn landscape. The air is crisp, and I can almost smell the rosemary garlic potatoes, the pumpkin pie, and the turkey roasting. The comfort of a huge, family-cooked meal is deliciously exciting, but, once we get over that romanticized notion of having that special night one-on-one with our mountainous plate of food, we remember that it comes at a price: the stress of family socialization. Many of us brood over it--to join the family dinner or not to join. Some people have it worse off than others, but if you are anything like me, you love your family even though they might be the cause of early onset baldness. This plant-based concentrate has helped millions endure the crazy holiday festivities--and, not to mention, tempt our taste buds that much more. This year, ABX helps you find a way to cope with family dinners in lieu of the holidays. So, charge up that pen and calm your holiday nerves with the ABX advice that will smooth over any family gathering.

Step 1 – Dress to Impress

Try a little bit and make grandma happy. If your everyday attire is jeans and a T-shirt, try a button-down and trousers, or at least crisp black jeans. Dressing out of the norm is an easy way to put some effort into the holidays and ease the tension when asked for the millionth time what a degree in the arts will provide your future – at least you look nice which must mean you have some success on the horizon. And, as if you need to be reminded, make sure to have an easily accessible pocket for your ABX vape pen.

Step 2 – Never Show Up Empty-Handed

Whether you have volunteered to bring a dish (or forced into one) or are blessed with a family of cooks who already have an abundance of dishes on the menu, make sure to bring something nice for your guests to enjoy. This gift can be as easy as picking up a funky gorgonzola or a bottle of bubbly. There’s no need to turn on the oven or attempt something extravagant, and the gesture will mean the world to everyone. If your family is like mine, and they like to partake in a little bit of dosing for an after-dinner chill session, bring over a lightly-infused chocolate pudding or some ice cream (to top the pie) in addition to the wine and cheese for a well-rounded gift basket of goodies!

Step 3 – Pick an ABX Cartridge

And not just any cartridge. I hope you have found out by now that there isn’t just one magic strain for everybody. Which one works for you? Ask yourself a few questions to determine the best prescription for your family interaction. Do you want an uplifting spirit - something that stimulates your brain and your appetite for conversation? Check out Sour Diesel. What about an exhilarating effect that keeps you calm and hidden in the background like a wallflower at the dinner table? Chem Dawg will keep you out of trouble and asking for seconds! If high stress befalls your family, you might want to be in touch with you indica strains like OG Kush which will keep you cool and engaged or Blackberry Kush which will park you in your seat sitting still like a Buddha in his temple. Or, if you are paranoid about exposing your cannabis to the fam, AC/DC has you covered discretely for relaxing yet non-psychoactive effects.


AbsoluteXtracts is the leader in strain-specific, high-THC cannabis oils, made from local, sun grown cannabis.

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