Ready For the Best 420 Yet?



This is it guys, the 420 we’ve been waiting for, it’s our first 420 since recreational use became legal in California that lands ON A SATURDAY. This is the big game, it’s go-time, all hands on deck, this is what we’ve been training for, it's our mavericks, our US open, our space jam.

So get fired up and fire it up with the best 420 possible. How, exactly? We’re glad you asked:

Good Bud

We recommend getting a couple of different options for all your 420 needs. Start out the day with some Hi-Fi Hops. It’s refreshing and since it’s available in a 10mg THC or 5mg THC:5mg CBD ratio it’s also sessionable so you can have a couple with friends without getting TOO high. Grab some gummies if you’re planning a long hike since National Parks will also be FREE to the public on Saturday this year (thanks, Earth Day, for being so close to 420), or some super tasty Loud+Clear to puff on. We also offer 1-gram carts in fan-favorites Sour Diesel, Grand Daddy Purp, Blue Tahoe OG, Blue Dream, and Blackberry Kush if you’re planning on hanging out with your heavy-hitting friends, you don’t want to blaze through a whole cart before the day is over!

There are A TON of deals happening around the state. Check out a couple of your favorite dispensaries on Friday or Saturday (many will also be offering food, have DJs, and offer other treats on 420), to see where you can get all of your favorite ABX products.

Good Grub

This part can make or break a whole party. Make sure you have munchie favorites like chips, dips, and obviously lots of beverages. Maybe order up some pizzas early to be delivered at a certain time (hot tip: I have it on good authority by my pizza connections that most pizza places will write “420” in pepperoni if you asked nicely), and don’t forget about the glory that is Postmates, GrubHub, DoorDash, and UberEats for any last-minute needs.

Want some healthier ideas? We’ve got you covered.

Good Times

Ok, so you’ve got good weed, you’ve got some friends over, and your snacks are on point… now what?

It should be a lovely day throughout most of California, so enjoy a little sunshine, get out and throw the disc around, hose off those lawn chairs and soak up some much-needed vitamin D after a long winter.

Try getting creative and host a pipe/bong carving contest by putting out apples, pineapples, carrots, cucumber, maybe even a zucchini or a watermelon, and see who can get the most creative (c’mon, you never smoked out of an apple before?).

Or, hey, close all the windows and play video games all day, we won’t judge.

You’re going to look back on this day... until the next time 420 lands on a Saturday (side note: that’s in 2024)!



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