Legal Weed? Yep!

On January 1st, recreational cannabis sales will be legal in California. This is a groundbreaking moment, not only for California, but with other states watching--the nation.

While the cannabis industry works on getting licensed and compliant, you might be wondering, “What does this mean for me?” We were wondering too, so we chatted with our legal department about some of the burning questions we all have.

Do I still need my 215 medical rec?

While not every dispensary will be licensed to sell adult-use cannabis (you can find ABX in licensed adult-use dispensaries here), you’ll still be able to enter a medical cannabis dispensary with your medical rec. Some dispensaries will sell both medical and adult-use products, and you’ll want your rec to be able to purchase any medical products you need.

Medical Patients under the new laws:

  • Medical patients will still be able to retain medical status
  • Medical patients can purchase higher THC maximum products than adult-use
  • Patients 18 and over with a valid medical prescription can purchase larger quantities and higher concentrates of cannabis

Under the new law, adults 21 and older can:

  • Possess up to one ounce of cannabis flowers, eight grams of extract, or infused food and drink
  • Grow up to six plants (subject to local restrictions)
  • Transport personal amounts of cannabis
  • Gift personal amounts to adults 21 and older

What’s an MMIC card, and do I need one?

The Medical Marijuana ID Card is a voluntary state-run program. It identifies the cardholder as a person protected under the provisions of Prop 215 and SB 420 and as being able to legally possess certain amounts (more than medical patients) of medical cannabis.

Whether or not you need an MMIC card is up to you. Patients who present a valid MMIC card do not have to pay the sales and use tax when making medical cannabis purchases. So it really depends on how much you usually buy.

An MMIC card will cost you $100 per year. Think about how much your sales tax is, and how much cannabis you usually purchase. In California, sales tax runs from about 7.25-10%. If you live in an area that has a 10% sales tax, and you purchase over $80 of cannabis per month, it could be worth the effort and cost that goes into acquiring an MMIC card.

You can learn more about obtaining an MMIC card here.

Can I still buy all of my favorite products?

That depends. There are some major changes to how products can be sold. The state has limited the serving-size of edibles to 10 milligrams of THC, with no more than 100 mg allowed in a single product package. The new regulations also prohibit businesses from mixing cannabis with alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, or seafood (aren’t you bummed about cannabis clam chowder being illegal).

What does this mean for CannaCraft family products?


  • 100mg THC ABX Soft Gel 24 count will be reduced to 20 count to meet the new 2,000mg per package dosage limit.
  • ABX products will ONLY be available in licensed dispensaries (link to check locator for nearby vendors)


  • Satori 240mg dark and milk chocolate bars will be discontinued
  • Satori Bites packages will be limited to 100mg THC total (formerly 140mg THC total)

So, I can get high wherever I want now?

Hold your horses, just like you can’t drink alcohol in unsanctioned public places, you can’t consume cannabis in them either. Cannabis use in public carries a $100 fine that jumps to $250 for consuming cannabis in places where tobacco is also banned.

  • It’s illegal to drive a vehicle, plane, or boat under the influence
  • Landlords may prohibit the possession of cannabis on their premises
  • Employers can still enforce "drug-free" policies that include cannabis screenings

Also, keep in mind that cannabis continues to be prohibited at the federal level. It’s  a crime to transport it across state lines.


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