How to Avoid Summer FOMO

We’re in the dog-days of summer and people are enjoying their long-awaited summer vacations. As I write this, I have friends in Thailand, Hawaii, Paris, and the Grand Tetons. I’m happy for them, but I’m also suffering from some serious FOMO. My big plans this summer? Saving money. So if you’re like me and the highlight of your summer is going to be finding a friend with a neighborhood pool you can crash, this article is for you. We’re not saying you need weed to have a good time, but it can help elevate everyday activities to make them seem a little more exciting.

Host a Weed Tasting

Grab some different ABX strains (we carry 19 different strains) for the center of your table and see if any taste better with certain foods. Tell your friends to bring a couple of different food items each (seasonal fruits, sweets, cheeses) and do a pairing. The best way to get started is just by trying, but if you’re still unsure check out this great article.

Catch a Concert

Couldn’t score tickets to the hottest show this summer? Don’t worry, there’s bound to be a fun local band playing. 80s cover band? Grab some leg warmers (or just cut off the feet of some crazy-colored long socks to make your own), an energetic sativa, and go sing at the top of your lungs with some friends.

During summer months, many cities host movie nights in local parks. Bring a picnic (and your discreet ABX vape pen), and go enjoy a free movie under the stars. Be smart though--don’t smoke around any families and be aware of your surroundings.

Play Tourist

One of the many benefits of living in California is that there’s always something interesting within driving distance. In Sonoma County, for example, I can drive an hour and be in San Francisco, the beach, or redwood forests. In a few hours, I could be in Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, or Reno… you get it, the options are pretty endless. Go somewhere you haven’t been (or just haven’t been in a while) and if you can, rent a room or camp out for a couple of days.

Find a local State or National Park in your area and go on a new hike. Let’s be honest, we pay a lot to live in California, get the most out of it!

Treat Yourself

Have you ever had a massage after smoking? Not like a friend rubbing your shoulders, but like a REAL massage. Cause you should. It’s a game-changer. Take a couple of hits of an indica like Gorilla Glue and let yourself turn into putty at the hands of a trained professional. Let your mind and body relax. You’ll feel like you just got back from a week in the tropics.

Need a more affordable option? Grab that gorilla glue and have a home-spa day. Fill up a foot tub (or bathtub if you have one) with an Epsom salt soak and sit back and relax. Take it to the next level by watching some massage tips with your special someone and trying them out--just don’t be that person to fall asleep during your massage and not return the favor!

Can you do all these things without smoking weed? Of course. But does weed make everyday activities that much better? Yep!

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Living that 9-5 life, weekend warriors know how to get work done so they can let loose on the weekend. From board rooms to bong rips, they’re discreet but know how to party.

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