Gift Guide for Your Cannabis-Loving Dad

Father’s Day is coming up, and dads all over the country are making room in their tie collections. You know, the collection of ties all dads have that they’d never actually wear in public but keep because you gave it to them. Like the “World’s Best Dad” tie you gave him two years ago, and the brown paisley tie that was just too “dad-like” to pass up five years ago.

This year, however, you could switch things up and get your dad something he’d really like (that is if he likes cannabis).

1. Beer

If your dad is anything like mine, showing up with a 6-pack of his favorite brew makes him just as happy as any lavish gift. His favorite has always been anything from Lagunitas, so this year I'm giving him a SuperCritical Combo kit. This release of premium cartridges contains distillate oil made with sun-grown cannabis combined with hop blends from Lagunitas Brewing Company. Our combo kits include a Lagunitas custom-designed battery, and either the Stereoterpical cartridge (think: crisp, citrusy ale) or Hop Cannon cartridge (think: hoppy, IPA-style).

2. Toker Toolbox

Loading up a toolbox full of cannabis-related gear is a creative and inexpensive way to show your dad how much you love him. Purchase a toolbox from your local hardware store (like this one) and fill it with all the stoner necessities.

Ideas to fill your Stoner Toolbox:

  • Rolling Paper
  • Lighter
  • Poker
  • Hemp Wick
  • 420 Cleaner
  • Q-Tips
  • Roach Clip
  • Grinder

3. Storage

We bet your dad values keeping his stash safe and fresh, which is why proper storage is key.

Does your mom prefer dad’s stash stays hidden? Check out these cool secret stash containers that look like a planter and air freshener. Or, if she’s more worried about disrupting the decor, these containers keep his stash looking sleek. For a more portable storage option that will keep the freshness and odor in, check out stash bags. These bags are smell-proof which also make them great to bring camping to store food. Keeping your dad’s stash fresh AND keeping him from getting eaten by a bear = priceless.

If you want to buy your dad the best on the market, check out the Cannador that ensures dad’s green will stay fresh in style. Made out of cherry or walnut wood, this is a piece your dad would be proud to have on his desk. Cool factor: you can add on a Bluetooth hygrometer to sync with a smartphone so your dad can check the humidity and temperature.

4. Clothes

OK, we're NOT recommending you get your dad ties, nice button-up shirts or any kind of apron that says, "#1 Dad," "World's Best Griller," or anything that he already has 4 of in his closet. Instead, get him some gear from his favorite cannabis brand, ABX. The ABX Store website just launched with hats, hoodies, and other fun accessories he'll love showing off.

5. Glass

Between bongs, pipes, chillums, bubblers, and steamrollers, glass options run on and on. Lucky for you, we’ve looked into finding the best of the best to elevate your dad's smoking experience.

Selecting glass for your dad will give you the opportunity to personalize his gift, taking his hobbies into consideration could help you find the best gift your dad has ever received. Is your dad into beer? Unable to handle the responsibility of fragile glass? Handy? Done!

To splurge on dad, Sheldon Black is the best on the market. Sheldon Black is American made and offers clients a highly sought after bubbler collection and unique limited edition artist collaborations.

No matter who your father is, hand selecting a glass piece for your dad is an awesome opportunity to show him you not only care but also know who he is.

6. Weed… duh

We’d be remiss if we left the best gift out--the best sun-grown cannabis on the market. AbsoluteXtracts carries 19 strain-specific, disposable vape cartridges that have 500mg of pure cannabis oil. The small, discreet vape pen makes it easy to use cannabis on the go with minimal odor, and the wide variety of strains allows you to find one your dad will love.

We also carry soft gels for long-lasting relief; applicators ideal for cooking, baking, and topical applications; sublingual sprays for discreet and fast-acting relief; honey straws for the dads with a sweet tooth; and premium sun-grown flower sourced directly from our farms in Humboldt, Mendocino, and Sonoma Counties in Northern California.


Ready for that “Best Kid of the Year” award?


AbsoluteXtracts is the leader in strain-specific, high-THC cannabis oils, made from local, sun grown cannabis.

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