Cannabis & Your Love Life

We could wax poetic about our love of cannabis. But this article is about the other love in our lives, whether it be your life partner or even partner for the evening. Cannabis can play a big role in our relationships--and is cheaper than a couples counselor. Here are a few of the good, the great, and even the not-so-great ways cannabis can be part of your relationship:

The Good

Cannabis is a natural mood booster that has helped many people with stress and depression, two things that can create a toxic relationship. We’ve all experienced stress, and have probably taken it out on our partner even though we don’t mean to. Being an overall happier person helps your connection, and the added benefit--laughter. It’s been proven that laughter deepens relationships and increases endorphins. So enjoy some cannabis with your partner to destress and get silly.

It can also open up your mind to new perspectives, so while we’re not saying every conversation you have with your loved one should be done high, using a little cannabis and spending time chatting about your feelings can make it so both of you are opened up emotionally.

Mundane tasks also become a lot more enjoyable. Monotony can be a drain in relationships, so get high and cook a nice dinner together and savor the flavors, or watch a TV show. It’s bound to be a little more exciting than the average weeknight.

The Great

Let’s talk about sex. The right amount of THC increases arousal, and while “the right amount” differs for everyone, experiment with different strains and dosing. Start low, and explore with your partner to see what the right dose is for each of you. Since you’re already relaxed and comfortable, you’re more likely to be open with your partner to have meaningful moments--outside and inside of the bedroom.

THC also heightens your sense of touch, which is why we’re loving the new Bud Potion #9 kit from Sutra Sensuals and Satori Chocolates. The box contains Satori’s yummy cannabis-infused chocolate covered strawberries, a 90mg bar of Satori chocolate, and Sutra’s all-natural massage oil made from medical cannabis and other essential oils. THC increases blood flow which heightens sensations, and with the added benefit of lowered inhibitions, go ahead and show your partner where you like to be touched.

Timing is key, you may find you’re feeling in the moment right away after smoking, but if you wait too long you might just feel tired. We’re not recommending you rush through things, but keep it in mind when you’re choosing your strain. An energizing sativa-dominant hybrid like Blue Dream would give you a refreshing cerebral high, but an indica-dominant hybrid like Gorilla Glue could leave you feeling that “couch lock” without much energy.

The Not So Great

Too much cannabis can also, unfortunately, have a negative effect on some relationships. Smoking too much can leave some people feeling unmotivated, and if one partner is always on the couch feeling lazy, that can leave the other partner feeling unimportant or bored. For some, Netflix and chill might be your favorite past-time, but others like to be active. Make sure you and your partner are both on the same page.

Overdoing it can also hinder your sex drive, or even make intimacy feel uncomfortable. You know that awkward inner-dialogue when you’ve overdone it? If you feel detached and are not able to be present with your partner, that’s going to be an instant mood killer for both of you.

Couples who have shared hobbies gain a deeper connection, and responsible cannabis use can be a great shared hobby for you and your partner. Just remember to keep your hearts, minds, and communication open.

Seasoned Stoner

If your motto is, “It’s always 4:20 somewhere,” you might be a seasoned stoner. You know what you like but will rarely turn down something new.

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