Candy-Paired Concentrates

Halloween is the best. First of all, you can be whatever you want to be, and put in as much, or as little effort as you want. One year, I wore all pink and said I was the color pink (ok, maybe not my most creative moment). Or, like Jim Halpert, put almost no effort into a costume at all -- anything goes on October 31st! You also have your pick of fêtes de Halloween because everyone will be celebrating all weekend long. Most importantly, if you ask me, calorie counting ends on Halloween (and the surrounding weeks). Candy is in abundance and everyone’s inner ghoul comes out on the night of the dead, but who said the treats have to stop there? While we’re learning about the benefits of cannabis, it also just makes candy taste THAT much better. So go ahead, treat yourself on this spooky night and pair up your ABX cartridges with your favorite candy.

Snickers and GSC

Your favorite hunger-satisfying candy bar never tasted so good with its counterpart GSC. The sweet and cocoa flavors of GSC do a dance with the caramel-covered salty peanuts, highlighting the creamy nugget and washing down nicely when dunked in a glass of milk. To me, GSC already resembles the favorite mint chocolate cookie with a milky characteristic that is amplified with the yummy indulgence of a Snickers bar.

Twix and OG Kush

The chocolate-covered caramel twins crunch delightfully when paired with the earthy and piney flavors of OG Kush. If you are like me, and have graduated from your childhood favorites to a dark chocolate alternative, the sweetness of the caramel in a Twix could put your whole body into shock. Though, when paired with the mellow terpenes of OG Kush, bitter counteracts sweet in a harmonious lip-licking treat.

Chocolate Bar and Blackberry Kush

You can pair the sweet, fruity terpenes of Blackberry Kush with your favorite chocolate bar, but for our inner child’s sake, let’s revert back to the nostalgic Hershey’s bar. Imitating the sensual flavor of blackberries dunked in sweet, melted chocolate, the presence of Hershey’s undeniably recognizable sweetened cocoa pronounces the blackberry’s tart flavor profile.  

Peppermint Patty and Pineapple Afghani

An unlikely pair, but my favorite combination, the peppermint and pineapple fusion enhances a tropical sensation. Pineapple Afghani has an exotic fruit flavor is present on the forefront like lounging under a coconut tree on sunny Hawaiian beaches, and then it gets washed away clean with the peppermint like being baptized in the salty Pacific Ocean leaving your mouth feeling fresh and your taste buds satisfied.

Jolly Ranchers or Starbursts and Grape Stomper

The fruity-flavored candies that fall to the bottom of the bag should not be forgotten. Especially when paired with their fruity cartridge counterpart. Like candy, Grape Stomper gives off an incredibly energized high. Often called sour grapes, Grape Stomper brings the flavor of under-ripe grapes or an acidic wine and pairs best with citrus flavors like the yellow, orange, red, pink and green versions of Jolly Ranchers and Starbursts. But wait, there are also the tropical flavors of Starbursts too. Those are incredibly tasty with the tangy and tart Grape Stomper combination.

Sour Patch Kids and Blue Dream

First, they are sour, yikes! This is where Blue Dream kicks in and balances that shockingly sour punch in the face with a slightly sweet blueberry finish. Then, they are sweet and that yummy gummy chew is left to marinate on your taste buds. Wake me up from this Blue Dream, where juicy gummy and blueberry vapor swirl into a dynamic duo down Trick-or-Treat Lane.


And for all of those who aren’t eating sweets this Halloween or for those sick of candy on the first of November, ABX has you covered with CENSOREDland. The concentrate with all the treats (just without the sweets), this prime treat has zero grams of sugar and a whole lot of relief. Laden with a sugar-high effect without the crash, this cartridge will help you reach all types of creativity and let loose in a silly costume. If you are skipping the door-to-door this year, stop by your local dispensary for the best treat of all – the one that fits on your ABX vape pen!

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