ABX 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

For some people, the act of picking out a painstakingly well-thought-out gift for each person who means something to them is the highlight of their holiday season. For others, it’s the cause of stress, panic, and general grinch-y-ness. If you tend to lean more towards the latter, and you realize the giving season is already upon us--don’t fret! We’ve got all the cannabis lovers on your gift list covered.

Beer Enthusiast

You know that one Uncle who brings his own beer to Christmas dinner while silently judging whatever you’re drinking? He goes on and on about hop varietals and yeast, and you just wish he’d stop saying yeast at the table. This year, give him something new to talk about by gifting him ABX’s new SuperCritical vape carts made with terpenes from Lagunitas hops and ABX’s sun-grown cannabis oil. There are two cartridges available: Hop Canon which tastes like a hoppy IPA, and StereoTerpical which makes you think of a crisp, citrusy ale.


In a family full of tech-geeks, it’s not truly Christmas until someone gets something techy for us to all play with. Around the office, we’ve all been enjoying the Linx Gaia, a flower vaporizer with an OLED screen that indicates battery status and temperature settings, and nice magnetic hardware that makes this piece feel like the well-thought-out device it is. The perfect gift for someone who likes weed and tech. 🙋

BUDding Artist

Image from Amazon.com

Whether or not someone has any artistic skills, getting blazed and coloring in the pages of this psychedelic coloring book will make anyone’s high a little more fun. If you’re thinking, “I’ve been hearing a lot about grown-ups coloring,” you’re not wrong! New studies have shown that our old childhood pastime helps relieve stress, anxiety, and help people focus. How many gifts can claim that?

Lovely Ladies

For the ladies in your life who love pretty things, it doesn’t get much prettier than these Instagram-worthy printed rolling papers from Kush Queen. Looking for something a little blingier? It’s hard to find a lady around our office who isn’t rocking weed jewelry. Deck her out in this beautiful hand-crafted weed leaf lariat, or an indica leaf midi ring. It’ll show the world her love for cannabis, and portray what a great gift giver you are!

The Gamer

Image from rollawearbrand.com

Gaming and weed go pretty hand-in-hand for a lot of people, but it can be difficult juggling a blunt and your PS4 controller all at the same time (#FirstWorldProblems). Thankfully, some brilliant mind came up with a simple solution: a roach clip that plugs into your controller. While we pick our jaws off the floor from this brilliant invention (and low cost), we’re buying one for every gamer on our list.

Dab Devotees

When I asked a group of our biggest dab-fans around the office what the best gifts would be, a debate sparked about the best flame size, glass vs. ceramic vs. titanium nails, benefits of e-nails… My take-away was that, like buying underwear for adults, everyone has their own personal preference and it’s best not to assume someone’s preference over boxers or briefs, or in this case, domeless or domed nails. A safe-bet would a fun silicone holder, or a new dabber tool (perfect for anyone from Star Wars fans to tea fanatics).

Big Rollers

For the ballers in your life, these 24 karat gold rolling papers are sure to make an impression. Made with edible 24 karat gold and hemp-blended paper. These things say, “I’m lavish AF.” While a joint may only last as long as it takes to smoke it, the pictures will last forever (or 24 hours in their story).

Art Enthusiast

For the art lover on your list, make sure you get your hands on the Premium Limited Edition Fish Tanks from ABX. We partnered with legendary San Francisco-based artist Jeremy Fish to bring you a beautiful gold fish-scale battery designed by Jeremy Fish and a premium gold-tipped ABX cartridge filled with potent Tangie oil. It all comes with a nice velvet carrying case to elevate this vape-able piece of art even higher.


AbsoluteXtracts is the leader in strain-specific, high-THC cannabis oils, made from local, sun grown cannabis.

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