3 Strains for Anxiety

It’s hard to explain what anxiety feels like to people who don’t experience it. One reason for that is because anxiety presents differently for so many people. Some experience excessive worrying, unease in social situations, racing or unwanted thoughts, or full-blown attacks that make it hard to breathe with the overwhelming feeling that your heart is about to explode.

With different strain-specific cartridges, AbsoluteXtracts offers a strain for many different medical conditions, but I’ve compiled the top 3 strains that have worked for me and my friends with anxiety (listed in order of least to most THC). One important note: everyone experiences these strains differently. What has worked for some may not work for you. Start low with dosing, and see how it works for you.


In my opinion, the best strain offered by ABX for anxiety is AC/DC. At CBD:THC ratios around 18:1, this strain offers mellow relaxation without the psychoactive effects of higher THC strains. Also known for offering relief for pain, inflammation, depression, and stress, AC/DC is one of my favorites to always have on hand. If I feel anxious in a social situation, it’s nice to be able to get quick and effective relief all while staying clear-headed and focused. This makes it a perfect strain for daytime use.

People with a low tolerance will also appreciate the subtle and short-lasting cerebral feeling that eases you into a relaxed state. If you get paranoid from smoking pot, this is a great option.

Blue Dream

A sativa-dominant hybrid (and favorite of a friend of mine), Blue Dream offers swift, balancing, and refreshing effects, making it popular to enjoy during the day for the treatment of pain, depression, and nausea. When I asked said friend if she could explain how it made her feel, she said, “Happy, uplifted, ready to go, excited, energetic, positive, social, and creative.” That explains it pretty well.

Cherry Pie

Having the most THC on the list, a couple puffs of this sweet and earthy indica-dominant hybrid is the perfect swap for an evening glass of wine. Cherry Pie is a great option for when you’re just looking to quiet down your inner-dialogue from the day and chill. It has a calming, full-body relief that has been said to be great for stress relief, headaches, and minor pains.

Seasoned Stoner

If your motto is, “It’s always 4:20 somewhere,” you might be a seasoned stoner. You know what you like but will rarely turn down something new.

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