What is Loud+Clear?

April 16, 2021
A Loud+Clear vape on a spinning record

At AbsoluteXtracts, we’re not messing around. With Loud+Clear, we’ve created high-potency live resin cartridges that will change the way you vape. Our goal is to give you taste and experience cannabis oil like never before. To give you the flavor and potency you deserve, Loud+Clear cartridges are made with a blend of high-THC cannabis oil (aka distillate) and live resin sauce (HTE, or High Terpene Extract). The high-THC cannabis oil has ~99% THC potency, and when blended with the live resin sauce, our potency reaches that 80% sweet spot – just high enough to give you that good feeling. No matter which L+C vape you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

High-potency? Really?

Yes, really. When we say high potency, we mean it. By using ethanol extraction, we’re able to get that high potency THC distillate that blends so seamlessly with the live resin sauce. Like we said, our five strains boast 80%+ THC (we’re serious), so you’re going to really feel it the way you desire.

Up for a night of socializing? Try our Sativa Hybrid SFV OG to keep the conversation flowing all night long. Need a chill night in playing video games or reading that book you’re so excited about? Take a hit of our Indica Hybrid Gorilla Snacks. Not only do you get all those pungent terpenes and a variety of cannabinoids, but you get the broad range of effects you expect from the plant, too. Like we said, we really went all out.

Unique flavors for a unique feeling

Our live resin resin sauce allows us to create strain-specific flavors like our fan favorite cerebral Sativa Hybrid Lemon Cake, deeply relaxing Indica Forbidden Fruit, or uplifting Sativa Hybrid Blue City Diesel, there’s a berry, pine, or lemon-y delicious flavor and inviting strain option for every occasion.

Live boldly

Loud+Clear was founded for folks who know what they want: to live fully, passionately, and without abandon (safely, of course!). We hope our live resin cartridges give you the euphoric, relaxing, or uplifting feeling you crave.

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