CannaCraft’s Never-Ending Harvest

May 25, 2017
farmers hands in the field of cannabis

Here at CannaCraft, we’re proud of our growing techniques that allow us to perpetually harvest. What does that mean? It means we harness the power of the sun and natural life cycle of the cannabis plant to be able to offer our customers quality, sun-grown cannabis year-round. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let’s first talk about the growing technique used by most cannabis farmers.

The Usual Way

Cannabis is an annual plant that flowers in fall in California depending on the strain. Every spring, seeds or clones (rooting cuttings from a mother plant) are planted. Long summer days cause the plants to go into vegetative growth where healthy plants can grow up to two inches in a single day. Stalks grow taller and broader, leaves proliferate and rapidly expand to create layers upon layers of canopy. As days even out in the late summer and early fall, plants are exposed to less sunlight and begin the flowering stage. During the blooming stage plants focus energy on creating flower and sink less energy into generating leaves and shoots. Plants invest all their energy into producing thick buds covered in sticky trichomes. The next phase is harvesting. Plants are cut, dried, and trimmed up into the buds you find in dispensaries. In late fall and winter, you’ll usually find an influx of fresh flower at a cheap price after harvest. By spring, however, prices usually go up as this flower becomes more scarce.

This is where we stand out.

A woman carrying a tray of small cannabis plants

The CannaCraft Way

At CannaCraft, we’re proud of our vertical integration because it gives us full control of every step of the process. Meaning that from seedling to final lab-tested and quality-assured product on your shelf, we’ve been in control the entire time. That control begins in our greenhouses--but that doesn’t mean we grow indoors! Rather, we’re able to get the benefits of outdoor growing (the natural power of the sun, lower energy costs, and natural pest control methods), while being able to control temperature and use light deprivation to make plants begin the flowering stage.

Being able to manipulate the light and environment comes in handy since we grow so many different strains year-round. Indicas, for example, have a shorter flowering time and sativas take longer. We also have many hybrids that all have their own varied flowering times, so we have numerous greenhouses working around the clock to be able to offer high-quality cannabis products when most growers aren’t able to.

Close up of a beautiful cannabis flower

Our growing techniques are also a lot more environmentally friendly than indoor operations. The sun is the ultimate light source, so by harnessing that natural energy, our grow sites use a lot less power and cost less than indoor sites. Our greenhouses, unlike indoor grows, are not sterile environments ripe for the spread of mites and other infestations - instead, we're able to create a more natural environment with pest control solutions that mimic nature’s balance (such as ladybugs and other natural beneficial insects). Thankfully, greenhouses don’t keep those natural helpers out, so we don’t have to use dangerous pesticides.

Because of the saved costs, we’re able to pass those savings to our customers. And at the end of the day, no matter what the season, ensuring our customers’ access to high-quality cannabis products is what matters most.

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