How to Enjoy 4/20 with ABX

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April 20, 2022

4/20 is the pinnacle of cannabis celebrations. Observed worldwide, 4/20’s roots are deeply planted throughout California culture. With the high holidaze coming in hot this week, we jotted down a few ways to help you celebrate with your favorite AbsoluteXtracts products. 

Edibles and Massages

It’s time to melt. If you’re celebrating 4/20 all day, take a morning edible, then go ahead and book a relaxing massage for the early afternoon. You’ll be melting into the massage table before the evening hits, and can get ready for your second wind with a healthy lunch and some hydration. 

Try AbsoluteXtracts Gummies before your appointment: they’re portable, vegan, and come in delicious varieties including Forbidden Fruit, Key Lime, Maui Wowie, Mixed Berry, Strawberry, Tangie, and Sleepy Time Blueberry Lavender. Since they’re stored in a reusable airtight container, you also won’t have to worry about showing up to your appointment smelling dank, and can avoid any stigma that might come along with smelling loud from staff and fellow patrons.

Beach Hangs

A 4/20 beach hangout is a nostalgic favorite. What could be better than salty air, a sweet breeze, and cool waves right in front of you? Pairing the experience with an AbsoluteXtracts Loud+Clear Infused Pre-Roll.

If the wind is acting up on the beach, go ahead and try the paper cup method: just poke a hole through the center bottom area of a disposable paper cup, wide enough to hold the filter of the pre-roll nice and snug. Push the joint through the cup, filter forward, until it sticks out enough to comfortably inhale through. Carefully light the joint from inside the cup, being cautious not to light the cup, and inhale with the support of a funnel, preventing the joint from running from the breezy beach. 

Our ABX Loud + Clear Infused Pre-Rolls come in diverse strains including Hybrid Indicas like Blanco, Motorbreath, and Wedding Cake, Hybrid Sativas like Flo White and Pai Gow, and true Hybrids like White Runtz. 


Picnics are another great way to spend time outside without a formal plan. The best part of a picnic is that it can be as high or low brow as you like; you can pick up a pizza and walk it over to the nearest park bench with a cooler of ABX Lagunitas Hi-Fi Sessions, or you can make more intricate sandwiches, sides, and snacks if you’re more of a picnic traditionalist. 

In assorted flavors and doses including Cloudberry, in a 2mg: 2mg ratio of THC to CBD, Hoppy Chill, at 10mgs of THC, and Hoppy Balance, in a 5mg: 5mg ratio of THC to CBD, there’s an ABX Session to quench every type of thirst and experience level. They come in packs of 4, enough to share, or just enough for folks to pick up a personal pack each: all depending on how you want the night to go. They’re sugar-free, zero calories, and zero carbs. 


If you’re craving more of an adventure, gather your friends for some dabs before heading out to the boardwalk or arcade. You’ll be able to literally experience new highs on the Ferris wheel, get competitive over winning plushies and memorabilia, and get real weird in the funhouse. 

We recommend our ABX Live full-spectrum live resin concentrates in uplifting strains like Tangie Circus, Sour Diesel, and Pink Lemonade, or if you go on a nighttime adventure, try more laid back strains like Censored Cane, Emerald OG, Gelato, Lava Cake, Mendo Breath, Purple Punch, and Wedding Cake.

Baseball Game 

The Dodgers are playing the Braves this 4/20 at Dodger Stadium! Baseball season just started, and 4/20 is the perfect way to welcome it with a nice buzz, so forget the bank-breaking beers! If you want to avoid issues going through security, store a few AbsoluteXtracts Soft Gels in your bag using a standard mint container or medicine bottle. In doses ranging from 10mgs to 25, 50, 100, and a whopping 200mgs per capsule, you can choose how and when to stack your doses for the perfect effect.


Can you even imagine a trippier way to celebrate 4/20? Pack your favorite ABX Live Pods and a Dart battery system for an educational experience through the stars. Choose between sedating Indicas like Grape Animals, Chocolate Kush, Mint Cookies, and Pineapple Afghani, uplifting Sativas like Jack Flash, Sour Diesel, and Pink Lemonade, or in-between Hybrids like Banjo

Dispensary Hopping

Go dispensary hopping on 4/20 to take advantage of deals not generally available throughout the year. To chase down your favorite AbsoluteXtracts products, use the ABX location finder.

Happy 4/20! Wishing you a happy, safe, and fun holiday filled with belly laughs and memories to last a lifetime.

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