WTF is ABX Farmer's Reserve?

ABX University
November 2, 2022
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AbsoluteXtracts—ABX—is a homegrown California cannabis company. A lifelong love and passion for the cannabis plant is the driving force behind everything that we do. Our understanding of extraction produces the best of the best cannabis extract and concentrates and is a constantly evolving process.

As part of the CannaCraft family, we’ve been working hand-in-hand with the master cultivators at Farmer and the Felon. Their sustainable cultivation practices, regenerative farming, and standards ensure that ABX is using the highest quality cannabis flower for our products. ​

​Having access to freshly harvested flower and premium sungrown genetics has allowed ABX to continue to raise the quality of extracts that our laboratory has been able to craft. This noticeable elevation in effects and quality of our extracts gave birth to the new Farmer’s Reserve line of concentrates. ABX Farmer’s Reserve features top-shelf, first-in-class, aroma and effects. Each batch is hand-selected at peak freshness by our OG farmers, and only the best flower from the fields is selected to make these best-in-class concentrates.

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The Birth of AbsoluteXtracts

Founded in 2014 from a deep understanding of the cannabis plant, ABX was established by master cultivators and extraction industry pioneers. Our experts in cannabis oil extraction continue to master their understanding of terpene and cannabinoid profiles. We have long embraced the essence of the cannabis plant, in all its forms to deliver everyday solutions.

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Enhancing Every Day

The team behind ABX understands the nuances of the daily cannabis user, from selecting the right cannabis strains that contain the unique flavor profile they seek. ABX knows those with connoisseur tastes and high tolerances are seeking a wide variety of genetics and specific profiles. They know that there are more to cannabis products than continuing to only chase high THC levels. These are people who grasp how the essence of the right terpene profile can potentially upgrade our ability to navigate this world.

The level of quality found in ABX products are the culmination of the entire team’s decades of experience rooted in sungrown California cannabis cultivation. ABX’s drive to always evolve and improve our procedures and processes has continued to increase the cannabinoid and terpene profiles within our extracts.

All the hard work over the last year has increased the quality of concentrates that ABX has recently been producing in our extraction labs. 

The recent elevation in the effects and quality of our extracts has given birth to the new top-shelf Farmer’s Reserve line. Only the best of the best flower from our fields is selected to make these best-in-class cannabis concentrates.

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The Elevation of ABX

ABX’s methods and practices are a testament to the constant motivation to level up our procedures and products. Our drive for perfection has started to hit a crescendo. The new ABX Farmer’s Reserve concentrates showcases the unique effects, flavors, and aromas of each plant.

In order to preserve the quality, all ABX concentrates start with a fresh harvest. The flower is cold-stored from the moment of harvest by flash freezing to preserve their terpene, flavonoid, and cannabinoid profiles, instead of the long drying and curing processes. The frozen plants are kept cold throughout the extraction process. All ABX products are delivered cold-transported direct to the dispensary.

ABX Farmer’s Reserve concentrates are the accumulation of all the work on our farms and extraction facilities to bring the best of the best to our customers.

The flower used for extraction is hand-selected for the very best flavor and aroma profiles. Whole flower is always fresh frozen to preserve their terpene, flavonoid, and cannabinoid profiles. The cannabis is cold-stored at our farms and then cold-transported to ABX extraction freezers, then cold-extracted with the purest hydrocarbon at -100°F. 

We evaporate and remove the hydrocarbon (butane) and using pressure, THCA diamonds are separated from the terpene sauce and any remaining hydrocarbon is purged with a target of 0 PPM.

Diamonds are recombined with the same sauce from each batch. We never use CRC or steam distillation. Our top-shelf extracts are filled into our jewel-like, airtight, stay-clean reusable glass jars for premium protection of your most precious concentrates. Cold-stored and cold-delivered to the dispensary to maintain product quality by the time it reaches your rig, we hope you’ll enjoy the elevated ABX Farmer’s Reserve concentrates for connoisseur quality at pricing that won't break the bank. 

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