What's My Strain Again?

ABX is proud to offer 100% pure cannabis oil in disposable vape cartridges. Our cannabis is grown naturally in Northern California and then cleanly extracted. Instead of blending our cannabis, we offer you cartridges in 18 distinctive strains. 18 strain-specific cartridges means the benefits of 18 distinctive effects. So no matter what your day has in store for you, we have a strain for it.

ABX in the Press Democrat: "Santa Rosa Marijuana Processing Plant Back in Business"

CannaCraft this week received a final level of approval from the city of Santa Rosa to run its multimillion-dollar enterprise, making it the first in the city — and among only a handful of companies statewide — to receive local authorization to manufacture marijuana-infused products for medicinal use.

ABX in The NY Times: "Medical Marijuana Is Legal in California. Except When It’s Not."

The New York Times reports on the ABX raid and the legislative changes that have occurred in the aftermath. In the article, they discuss our efforts to break the stigma associated with the cannabis industry and come out of the shadows as a company providing the highest quality medicine, and the difficulties that arise from conflicting viewpoints of local regulations and federal agencies.

TAKE ACTION in Support of ABX and Care By Design

Thursday, June 16th at 11:00 A.M. at the Sonoma County Superior Courthouse in Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa, CA

CBD Guild Raided While Operating in Full Compliance with California State Law

This law enforcement action is unprecedented, unfortunate, and has the potential to deprive thousands of profoundly sick patients of much needed medicine. CBD Guild--manufacturers of Care By Design and ABX in California--will cooperate fully with law enforcement in an effort to resolve this as quickly as possible, and hope to have nearly a hundred employees in Sonoma County back to work this week.

Survey: Cannabis Better Than Big Pharma Meds for PTSD

 A recent Care By Design survey of 300 patients suggests that cannabis is better than Big Pharma meds for PTSD. The survey offers hope for PTSD sufferers. A growing body of research suggests that there is a strong connection between the endocannabinoid system and PTSD, and that cannabis therapy may help address the root causes of PTSD, including impaired fear extinction, poor memory consolidation, and chronic stress. 

ABX Proudly Supports the Save a Million Vets Tour

ABX is the proud sponsor of the Save a Million Vets tour. A national tour sponsored by the non-profit Grow For Vets, Save a Million Vets aims to call attention to the million plus veterans living with PTSD. The anxiety disorder is believed to be a major contributor to the staggering number of veteran deaths each year from prescription drug overdoses and suicides, and may respond to cannabis.

Emerald Cup and ABX Partner to Showcase Mendocino Cannabis

Emerald Cup Concentrates and ABX partner to offer California medical marijuana patients disposable vape cartridges based on two specialty Mendocino-bred strains: Berry White and Royal Kush.“We’re thrilled to collaborate with The Emerald Cup, a group known for integrity and innovation when it comes to outdoor, naturally grown cannabis cultivation and breeding,” said an ABX spokesperson.

ABX Provides Relief to Victims of Valley Fire

ABX and Care By Design donating $30,000 of medical marijuana products to patients who lost access to their medicine due to the fires in Lake and Napa Counties. The companies are partnering with local dispensaries throughout Northern California to assist patients impacted by the Valley Fire, which wasi reported to be the third worst fire in California history. 

Vibe Leaf Reviews ABX

Today we had the pleasure of sampling Absolute Xtract’s vape pen, which included blue dream oil and their signature pen. With the recent boom of the vape industry in general, these discrete pens can quickly steal the heart of newbies and cannasuers alike. Absolute Xtracts boasts that their oil that is tested at close to 70% THC, making this one of the more potent we’ve tried.