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1. Setup

Connect your cannabis oil cartridge to your charged battery.
Vape Pen Setup
*Battery and cartridges are both available from ABX.

2. On/Off

Press button 5 times to turn on or off.
Vape Pen On and Off

3. Preheat

Press button twice to preheat the coil. You will see a rainbow effect as the battery preheats.
Preheat Vape Pen
*It is especially important to preheat the coil on cold days.

4. Choose Heat Settings

Press the button 3 times to change heat settings.
Green = Low : Blue = Medium : Red = High
Vape Battery Settings
*The voltage can affect the potency and taste of the oil, so experiment to find your personal preference.

5. Enjoy!

To vape, press and hold the button while you inhale.

*It may take up to 20 minutes to feel the effects. First time users should use caution.

Need More Info? Check Out Our Video Below!